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Earth Force Defenders

Earth Force Defenders

by Two Thumbs


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  • Earth Force Defenders
  • Earth Force Defenders
  • Earth Force Defenders
  • Earth Force Defenders
Description Earth Force Defenders is an epic real-time strategy game that mixes up the traditional defense genre. The earth is in danger and you'll be in charge of the last resources to protect the earth against an alien threat. Using only your finger you can command squadrons of fighters to attack the incoming aliens. Lead your troops against the aliens and meet them in space for incredible dogfights, destruction and sacrifice. The earth has access to a few hangars where you can build your spacecrafts. Press on a hangar to select it, then press somewhere in space to unleash your spacecrafts. Hangars can develop different kinds of spacecrafts, fast maneuverable fighters, heavy bombers to deal a lot of damage and defenders with a thick hull. Unlock different kinds of upgrades to make your spacecrafts even better or unlock earths mighty power by building a shield that covers the whole planet or build a laser cannon on the moon! Features: ● Easy touch controls ● Fast-paced combat ● Strategic gameplay ● Epic space battles ● Challenging levels ● Special super weapons to save the day

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