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Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1

Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1

by ultravoltgames


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  • Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1
  • Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1
  • Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1
  • Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1
  • Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1
  • Duck Hunting 3D-Season 1

The duck season is on and the fever of hunting is high, lets grab your gun and start hunting ducks in real 3D environment. Duck hunting is very exciting and challenging game. Ducks are flying on the sky so you need to point and shot the ducks. Shoot ducks as much you can with 3D Gun in a beautiful environment, mix up of beautiful jungle birds and duck sounds. Feel like in realistic duck hunting environment. If you are a duck hunter and can accept the challenge, then here is the perfect situation for you.

In the jungle season the hunter have to hunt certain amount of ducks before the time runs out in order to pass to the next snowfall season by reaching high dollar areand.
-Hunt the ducks in the Jungle season to earn dollars to unlock the snowfall season.
-Hunt the ducks in the jungle season to make high scores to prove your hunting skills to the other hunters and make the record and earned more dollars.

The game is for the hunting lovers to fulfill their hunting desire at home, offices, cafes and everywhere to have fun and excitement and enjoy the game environments and beautiful game play sounds. Smooth and game-play, beautiful graphics and realistic duck sounds will give hunting feeling everywhere. Duck hunting 3D season one will true game for hunting lovers to have fun.

Enjoy the beautiful and challenging real 3D duck season. Hit the ducks and get high score to make records to unlock the automatic gun and other environments. Challenge your friends and family by making high scores.

You have randomly ducks coming across the river your job is to point on the duck and shot. Don’t miss the shot otherwise the ducks will alert and will disappeared in the sky.

Game features
Real 3D game play
First person shooting game
3D graphics and sound effects
Beautiful and challenging environment with mix up of jungle birds sound effects
Real time Duck hunting with animations
Multiple waves

IMPORTANT NOTE: While playing the duck hunting game please note that first you have to play all the six waves the new environment automatically unlocked. The money added for consecutive waves completion

Please give us your positive feedback to make the game features more exciting and challenging. Will be thankful for your support and suggestions.

Other environments and features will be released soon

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