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Duck Bow Hunter

Duck Bow Hunter

by afuffstudio


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  • Duck Bow Hunter
  • Duck Bow Hunter
  • Duck Bow Hunter
  • Duck Bow Hunter
Duck bow Hunter is an arcade game that inspired by classic bird hunt. This duck shooting game will take you back to the old memory when duck hunting game is still famous and addictive game to play, except this game version of duck hunt has better improvement in term of graphic and game play. The duck revolution is surprising change the calm peaceful lake into noisy chaotic place. So a group of duck and bird hunter must answer the call of these ducks revolution. You are one of them dressed as an archer. Your weapons are bow and arrows. When you see one, use your bow to kill the ducks. Hunter must stop duck revolution before these ducks going wild. You can shoot ducks by touching screen when ducks appeared, but do not shoot your arrow randomly. You must aim precisely that when you make a kill the duck must fall into the basket carried by you hunting dog. It is really wasteful to see the animal that you hunt died without you getting it. The duck hunting season is started and this is a great opportunity for you to hunt and shooting flying duck. This is quite a challenging game because you are using bow and arrow to hunt, instead of deadly hunter rifle. Although, sniper gun has great handling and accurately but it is too noisy. The explosive noise that came for the sniper gun can chase away your animal that you want to hunt. It is better to use bow and arrow because it is more quite and make the hunting more challenging. Make the best of this hunting season by shooting more ducks. Be a butcher that hungry for slaughtering duck meat. Butcher the duck with your bow and arrows. Create a massacre bird and duck kill in the sky. Be the greatest duck hunter by shooting the bird while it is flying in sky. Each direct hit bird that you kill will earn you one point. Don’t worry if you run out of arrow because ammo is unlimited for to hunt and kill birds. There are six levels for you to complete. Each level brings to a new environment for you to hunt. You can hunt near the lake, hunt at the riverside, Fantasy Lake, and hunting in deep dark jungle. There is no “pay to skip level”, you have to skilled with your bow to beat every challenge in these level. You can only proceed to the next level after you have completed the task. The higher the level you complete the more difficult for you to shoot birds or ducks. At higher level you will not only hunt birds or duck but also will face the might dragon. At this stage you are require to shoot dragon with your same bow and arrow. You are now a dragon slayer, kill numbered of dragons to finish the game story savage birds and dragon that flies across the blue skies! You must kill a specific number of duck before your hunting dog the reaches to the other end of the bridge. When your pet dog reaches to the other end, it means game over for you. However, you have a choice whether you want to continue that level or restart from the beginning level. Duck Bow Hunter Features: Hunting with bow and arrows Stunning graphic background Supreme sound quality background 6 level of hunting mission Simple to control Precision arrow If you big fan of acting or hunting games like Angry Birds, Duck Hunt, Animal Hunting, Zombie duck hunting, shooting bow and arrow than this Duck Bow Hunter game is a perfect game for you to download. Download this duck hunter game now before the free season is over.

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