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Drug Lord 2

Drug Lord 2

by Rampokkers.Inc


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  • Drug Lord 2
  • Drug Lord 2
Drug Lord 2 is a classic game of trying to make it big by buying and selling drugs...YAY! This game started out years ago on MS-DOS and gained huge popularity, since then there was a remake for Windows and now this one for Android. It contains a list of cities to which you can fly and attempt to buy low and sell high. The game play is dopewars style and there are some fun features such as angry loan sharks, unreliable couriers and of course people that hate you. The game will also provide price graphs for you to curse at because you weren't at the right place at the right time. If you are looking for a fun time killer/text based strategy game, then this is it for you! Just remember, I give you the opportunity to make enough money selling drugs in the game that it would never even be necessary for you to try it in real life. Side note: If you were to try doing this in real life, kindly note that you only get to play once and when you die there will be no high score board or new game button, just a funeral ;)

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