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Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy

Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy

by Akumen, information services, LTD


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  • Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy
Teach your kids how to draw animals. Or would you like to learn how to draw dragons? How to draw cartoons? Maybe how to draw cars? Preschool learning will become fun with our app for drawing! Lots of drawing tutorials we have can be one from the list of great preschool activities. This app for drawing is one of its kind. It is the ONLY app for drawing which teaches how to draw directly ON paper with our own invented method. Illustration is made through devices camera Lens. With our app for drawing preschool learning becomes fun! You will be fascinated with illustration you will make following our drawing tutorials. It was designed mostly for preschool girls and boys who would like learn to draw using our drawing tutorials and make an awesome illustration on their own! Also adults aren't excluded using it. It is featured for tablet but runs great on smart phones too. FEATURES: ★★★★ The youngest (Bee, Cat, Butterfly, Elephant, Sheep, Flower, Froggy, Owl, Tree, Turtle and more) ★★★★ ZOO animals (Lion, Zebra, Elephant, Parrot, Panda, Monkey, Giraffe, Cheetah and more) ★★★★ Anime, Manga (Pokemon Pikachu, Dora, Conan, Astro boy, Son goku, Vegeta and more) ★★★★ People and family (Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, Grandma, Grandpa and more) ★★★★ Dragons, monsters and aliens ★★★★ Vehicles (Car, Sport car, Ambulance car, Plane, Truck, Vespa, Ship and more) ★★★★ Flowers and plants (Sunflower, Palm tree, Daisy, Tulip and more) ★★★★ Sea and water animals (Crab, Whale, Octopus, Dolphin and more) ★★★★ Wild animals (Wolf, Crocodile, Tiger, Koala, Moose and more) ★★★★ Dinosaurs (T-Rex, Raptor, Ceratopsian and more) ★★★★ Miscellaneous (House, Castle, Teddy-bear, Pirate, Radio, Sun, Witch and more) ★★★★ Cartoon superheroes and characters (Talking Tom, Family guy, Smurfs, Sponge bob, Garfield, Ninja turtles, Simpsons, Ice age, Powerpuff girls, Angry birds, Dora, Adventure time, Tom & Jerry and more) This is just a short list of illustrations we prepared, check our drawing app for more. ★★★★ Simply take a photo of your choice or choose one from devices gallery and voilà ! You can try drawing that on paper! You can write us at info@drawingmanuals.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrawingManuals Check our website: http://drawingmanuals.com We take our customer's privacy very seriously. We do not collect ANY personal data from our users.

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