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DOGS of TURA liberty

DOGS of TURA liberty

by FY studio


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DOGS of TURA liberty
DOGS of TURA liberty
DOGS of TURA liberty
DOGS of TURA liberty
FREE Android Game - Be a DOG. - Guide your sheeps to the corral. - Discover new worlds. - 3D graphics last generation . - Train your dog. - You can choose 4 dogs. You will become a dog, and discover the exciting world of games of TURA. You should start training your dog to obey you, and can improve the qualities of your sheepdog...You must guide your flock to the corral, dodging obstacles in the shortest time possible. Remember, to get 3 stars must arrive before the last 60 seconds, 2 stars before the last 45 seconds, and 1 star before last 10 seconds. We have introduced to improve the graphics options to try you can live the best possible experience. In DOGS of TURA liberty, you can choose 4 dogs to play. If you visit our facebook, you can play with your dog a DOGS of TURA liberty. we can design a texture with your dog, and send you a game with it. In this version, you can discover new proofs! Discover more about FY studio: http://fystudiogames.com/