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Disco Party Light

Disco Party Light

by PurePush (pvt.) Ltd


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  • Disco Party Light
  • Disco Party Light
  • Disco Party Light
  • Disco Party Light

Disco Party Lights app will change the screen of your Android Phone, Tablet's into a Disco Colorful / Blinking, Spark winkle Light app, that would be a Multiple colors with multiple shining sparkling stars, Blinking Dots, Glow Lines, and twinkle fireworks. Disco light and Blinking colors in this App are just for fun and entertainment, Enjoy your own Party, Friend Gathering with your own DJ Music through this Disco Party Colorful Light's App. ***Very Easy to Use*** Instruction & Features: You have to Double click (first time) on setting button, After that you can delay the time or you can speed up the spark color of lights or low High the Brightness and then its up-to you, you can click on the button to start camera Back blinking light, or just you want to click on the button to change different Flash screens, and then your light will start blinking and colors will look like a Disco lights. ★ Blinking Colorful Lights ★ Color your room with this application ★ Dj Music Light ★ Brightest flashlight ★ included Blinking Stars, Colorful Glow Dots, Twinkle Lines, winkle light Fireworks ★ Emergency flashlight ★ Small App size ★ Flash Light ON / OFF ★ Time for Disco Party , Switch off the lights play the music and use this app for fun ★ Free App ★ Full time fun & entertainment ----------------------------- Change-log ----------------------------- Current version 1.3 : 1) Edited some Golden Star when you start the app 2) Edited low and high brightness 3) Edited 2 Buttons in this app a. you can click on the button to start Camera Back Blinking Light b. You can click on the button to change different Flash screen automatically on the same time you can click on both button to start both 4) you can Delay the time or speed up the Light 5) click on the Setting button to hide the Delay the time or speedup the light or brightness portion parts 6) Edited multiple Colorful Disco ball - icon 7) 3.3 MB size Application ----------------------- Old version 1.2: 1) Back camera Blinking Flash light 2) Single button of light start 3) Multiple simple colors blinking 4) you can delay the time or speed the light up 5) simple Golden color ball icon 6) 1.3 MB size Application ----------------------- Old version 1.1: 1) Back camera blinking Flash light 2) Simple colorful Flash-screen 3) Setting Button 4) 1.3 MB size Application Feel free to send us your comments. Your feedback is important to us.

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