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Dinosaur Simulator: Train Park

Dinosaur Simulator: Train Park

by Lisa Jeff


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Dinosaur Simulator: Train Park

Angry Dino Simulator Train Park takes you in jungle where you need to stop and damage train that passes through dinosaur park. Create rampage through the challenging tracks and explore the wild world of dinosaurs in this simulation game. Detailed 3D environments including pine forests, muddy area and hilly terrain give room for different boss battles.Damage oncoming trains by attcking with your fire burning big dino mouth. Stop the train before it reaches the railway station in dino park. Beautiful scenarios in wildlife amusement jurrasic park. Dinosaurs will violently fight with you while 3d Train is moving to the ststion.

Simple intrinsic controls make Train Simulator damage easily with deadly Dino in Park. The best simulation game on the market with very unique game play in Jurassic Part Dinosaur Theme.Discover a long lost prehistoric world and rule over it as an all mighty Dinosaur! Hunt down food and battle with dinos for your life against fierce bosses like the Spinosaurus! You'll need to maintain your health and energy while ruling over your dinosaur’s ancient territory! Train is moving through dangerous jungles!Destruct a big tourist train and show all the passengers the amazing power of prehistoric beasts!

Become any famous dinosaur and mammal like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Raptor , Spinosaurus , Triceratops and Velociraptor.Test your skills against thrilling boss battles! Dominate other dinosaurs and play as any Dinosaur in your pack and create rampage by hitting or burning fire . Gain experience by defeating dangerous enemies and completing missions! Rule over a world so big with railway tracks in jungle dino park for your dinosaurs to live in! Hunt down prehistoric enemies in awesome super dinosaur world with 3d train simulator.Train driver is driving train in this amazing big 3D world map through the land of the dinosaurs.

Angry Dino Simulator Train Park Features:

-Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator
-Choose from 3 playable dinosaur predators!
-Realistic 3D Train in forest
-Beautiful jurrasic park environment
-Deadly boss battles with angry dinosaurs

Survive in a world of gigantic predators as an all mighty Dinosaur of jurrasic era.Be careful while the train is moving super dinosaurs will attack on you.Enjoy the land of the dinosaurs in this awesome jurassic beasts Dino simulator train park!Download our ultimate Trex simulator to transport yourself to the Jurassic era.If you liked living as a Dinosaur then you'll love our other animal simulators!Download our Ultimate Wolf Simulator and live a wild life in the forest, or turn the Clan of Dragons Simulator and burn kingdoms to the ground and steal the treasure!