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Dinosaur Face

Dinosaur Face

by afuffstudio


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  • Dinosaur Face
This face changer application is made specifically for those who love wild dinosaur. If you are bored with animal face app and wanted to try something new, so this is the right place for you to download. There are lot dinosaur face stickers for you to choose. Some dinosaur faces are funny, but most of it is fierce carnivores dinosaurs. So your photo will look sometime funny and sometime frightening depending on what dinosaur you use to stick it. Although there is few cute dinosaur face option available you will be happy with these cute dinosaur face because of it quality and how easy for you to blend it with your photo. For those that love angry dinosaur face, there are dozens of variety for you to choose. Edit you photo with predator dinosaur face and it can change you into a furious hunter. Let everyone know how horrifying you are when you face are changed to dinosaur. This is the perfect way to unleash the inner wild dinosaur within you. The tool for editing, example the blending tool is very simple and easy to use. To blend your dinosaur face well, you can tap “Alfa” button and adjust the level of transparency to your desired level. Need more cool photo effect? Tab on the effect menu and choose which Effect to do want; Grey Color Sepia. These customize effect will make you photo look like a pro. Animal faces is a nice apps for you to change anyone face into animal. All you have to do is just swap the animal head with the person head. This is the great way to make fun to your friends and tease them. You can change your friend face into monkey, horse, cow and many more.. But with this new Dinosaur morph face you can change someone face to a dinosaur face. This application will be your personal photo maker for dinosaur. This will enable you to create tons of decorative photos of dinosaur and this will be you storage for emoticon dinosaur sticker. You can swap who ever face you want to swap. All the swap and switch faces are done in less than a minute. Something it takes several minute depending how you want to place you dinosaur face. Feature: + Lot of Dinosaur face variety + You can save you Dinosaur editing photo into your gallery. + Easy to use blending tool + Lots of special photo effect + You can send to you photo dinosaur editing result to everyone using several types of apps share (watsapp, telegram, chat on, Line, facebook, email or Bluetooth and lots more). + There is a super simple tutorial and tips to guide you create a funny, amazing, stunning, scary dinosaur face. + Free for you to use. Download this best face morphing tool for Dinosaur faces now.

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