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Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter

Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter

by Lingogames


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  • Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter
  • Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter
  • Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter
  • Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter
The hunting season begins with Deer Hunter 3D Sniper Shooter, one of the best and the most addictive and adventurous shooting game. Passionate hunting games lovers will find this Deer Hunter 3D as one of the best hunting / Sniper shooting games. With your Sniper rifle, Aim, Shoot and Kill should be your ultimate goal in this real 3D environment. Enjoy the sniper shooting and adventure of hunting deer and other animals in the jungle bearing realistic and attractive environment of real jungle with fresh trees, grass and hazed mountains with clear weather and bright sunshine. A healthy deer herd is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful hunting season, white tail deer, red deer, reindeer, moose, buck and water deer are coming into the jungle after a long and tiring season of dry weather in search of food and water gazing all around the jungle. The environment is totally calm and cool and the wilderness of the jungle attracts deer to come closer to the shooting ranges, Preparation is important; as you a have to scout the areas where you plan to hunt, currently deer are unaware of your presence or getting hunted by the best huntsman. Here you have the chance to enjoy you sniper skills and you as sniper assassin shooter waiting for their target hiding in the thick bushes. Get hold of your sniping gear and take your best shot. Only headshots with the sniper will serve the purpose. Enjoy hunting adventure in full 3D environment with real sound effects and 3D graphics, get the maximum number of deer hunted and assassin them to get the prizes and rewards, don’t let the animal escape or dodge you, as if deer the target feels any danger in the surroundings, they will be alert and will run away as fast as they can, you have to show your experience as a master sniper assassin and shooter equipped with the sniper shooting gear which will help you to take advantage to take the shot even in a long range, all you have to get the bonus point and cash for sniping gears available for all your hunting needs. Download this intense 3D Deer Hunting Simulator Game for Free! ★★★★★DEER HUNTING FEATURES★★★★★ ● First Person Shooting (FPS) game environment ● Real Hunting Environment ● 3D Models/Graphics & Sound Effects ● Shooting deer with sniper ● Efficient sniper gun control ● Excellent Jungle theme ● Various Challenging Missions ● User friendly gameplay ★★★★★GET CONNECTED★★★★★ You can join our Facebook page to get latest updates & promotions: https://www.facebook.com/LingoMobileGames

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