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Deadly Dino Hunting 3D

Deadly Dino Hunting 3D

by Hawks Games


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  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
  • Deadly Dino Hunting 3D
Become Ultimate Dinosaur Hunter of the Jurassic era. It is not easy to survive in an abandoned island against huge and horrible creature of history “DINO”. It’s incredible DINOSAUR who still exist on the island. Now you have only choice to get food in from hunting to survive in jungle & Mountain Island but Dinosaur s are also hungry and they after food as well. It can be big challenge for you because you can become the pray of the incredible creature. To protect yourself, take your remaining gear and equipment with you and hunt the animals to survive until the help is arrived. Use your senses, aiming and hunting skills to hunt the animals within safe distance. Kill the approaching animals before they kill you. Do you have enough courage to hunt the deadly animals alone in island, which is full to killing creatures? It's time to reload your sniper rifle and jump into the monsters of Island, Be a Dino hunter and enjoy playing a real time virtual hunting game. To kill a Dino, simply find it with help of long range gun scope and follow Dinosaur to take clear head-shots! You will see the most beautiful scenes like wildlife, forest and mountains in the game - the sounds of weapons, animals, birds and hunting of Dinosaurs. ***** GAME FEATURES ***** • First Person Shooting (FPS) • 3D Game play & Interactive Sound Effects • Jungle & Mountain Places for Hunting Experience • Sniper Shooting will be Hunting Challenge • 3D Different Landscape Locations • Interactive Map to track your way • Original sounds of Dinosaurs and Bullets • No internet required while playing **** JOIN US **** Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to stay updated. https://www.facebook.com/HawksGames https://twitter.com/HawksGames

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