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DCS-Monitor – Data , Call , SMS

DCS-Monitor – Data , Call , SMS

by auxilis GmbH


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  • DCS-Monitor – Data , Call , SMS
  • DCS-Monitor – Data , Call , SMS
  • DCS-Monitor – Data , Call , SMS
  • DCS-Monitor – Data , Call , SMS
Specifications of the DSC-Monitor App: An analysis program that determines the monthly Calls, SMS and Data traffic. With the DSC-Monitor you can determine your monthly consumption of (D)ata, (C)alls/Talk-time and (S)MS and predict your future consumption (based on the data consumption over the last 4 months.) We focus on the essentials, meaning the App itself is only two screens: 1.) FORECAST This predicts your expected consumption of data, calls and SMS based on your past needs, for the coming month. The longer that you have had the app installed, the more exact the forecast will be. A maximum of the last 4 months will be taken into account to make predictions. By clicking on the image, you can also determine whether incoming calls and SMS should be taken into account. 2.) CURRENT This shows you your current consumption for the current billing month. By default it is set to the 1st of the Month. This can be adjusted to the correct billing period by clicking on the image. This App is supported by Android version 3.0. and above.

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