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Dawn of Warriors — Free version

Dawn of Warriors — Free version

by Flame Spirit


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  • Dawn of Warriors — Free version
  • Dawn of Warriors — Free version
  • Dawn of Warriors — Free version
  • Dawn of Warriors — Free version
  • Dawn of Warriors — Free version
"Dawn of Warriors--Chaos Wars" is a Roguelike Action RPG game. In the chaos wars between Heaven and Hell, you are a warrior fighting against the evil force. Features: 1. The main world is Super Big, which gives you a huge space to explore. 2. Challenge Tower is provided. Dungeons in Challenge Tower are 100% created by program, so never "Just the same". 3. Four difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy. "Crazy" means really crazy… 4. HardCore mode is provided, Specially for HardCore gamers. 5. 50+ Skills. The same character can use all of the skills, including melee skills, long rang skills, spell skills, control skills, mobility skills, Buff & Debuff skills. 6. 110+ characters for gamer. 7. 144 characters can be invited as a partner. 8. 160+ Monsters. 9. 18 quests. 20+ Boss level monsters. 10. 30+ or more Characters can fight in the same screen, giving you the experience of battlefield. 11. Specifically optimized for portable devices, including the operation method. PS: Free version is just the same as paid version besides the ADs and Paid characters group.

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