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Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen

Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen

by Eonetek


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  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen
  • Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen

Roam the fields that are covered with astonishing glowing dandelions and soak up the sun rays. The sky above your head is  decorated with feathery clouds and while you are slowly pacing the sweet scent of these flowers is filling up your nostrils. Download for free the latest Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen app and you will recall this sentiment every time when you slide your finger down the smartphone or tablet. There is no need to leave your home, splendid nature will enter your life with only one tap on the cool zipper locker. In order for you to keep on enjoying this beauty, you should adjust the popular font and color of your battery reminder and thus you will know when to plug in your charger. With the newest Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen your device will be turned into a yellow delight and you will not be able to take your eyes off the breathtaking photos.

Take your cat along with you when you are going for a walk, and the two of you together will admire the inspiring landscape of a meadow filled with this enchanting blossoms. Wonderful poppies will be dancing in the wind, and while you gaze at the shining rainbow, you will feel beautiful and  calmed. This is your perfect day of happiness, isn’t it? Blow the seeds of downy tufts and wake up a kid in you. You can now have your device vibrate when you touch the best zipper locker and also there is this chance to select on your own the shape of the hook. For example, you can put a lovely heart or a clover with four leaves on your chain. No matter what you choose, the top Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen will look excellent.

You are now given the greatest way to make your phone safe and secure. Grab this opportunity and install the newest  Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen for free. Not only that you will be protected from activating a certain option on your device by accident, but also you will be able to enjoy the stunning photos that will appear as your foreground or background. Furthermore, the fantastic thing is that you have at your disposal an opportunity to use the photos from your private gallery, so feel free to find the ones you like best. Customize the look of your top zipper screen lock by finding a trendy style for the zipper that will suit your taste. Use the matching color for the chain and you will have the latest trends on your screen.

Follow these steps and have the best experience:

  • Select the photos that are going to be your cool foreground or background
  • Browse the gallery to use your private pictures, if you want
  • Adjust the style of the chain and find a fashionable pendant for it
  • Write your name or someone else’s on the locked screen
  • Drag down the hook to unzip your amazing zipper locker

Write yours, or the name of some person important to you, on the locked foreground and choose the font and color in which it will be displayed. The same choice is given to you related to the correct time and date that will be placed in the right corner next to the chain of the cool zipper locker. For time you are offered two different formats in which it will be shown. Pull down the hook to zip and unzip your photo and there is no doubt that you will be impressed. When going through the settings and selecting your preferred options you cannot make a mistake since you can preview everything before applying. With the popular Dandelion Zipper Lock Screen­­­­­­­­­­­ you will change the look of your screen, so go to the market and get it now!

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