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Damn Those Loops

Damn Those Loops

by Prohibited Games


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Damn Those Loops
Damn Those Loops
Damn Those Loops
Damn Those Loops

Navigate one damn loop to the other with perfect timing and precision.

Wait for the avatar to rotate and point at the loop. As soon as it points at the loop, tap to navigate to the loop.  Navigate through perilous loops of all shapes and sizes. Test your patience in this high skill based addictive game. Challenge yourself by conquering all the 3 different modes. Lazy mode- for the more laid back kinda people. Panic mode- for the ones who enjoy a little rush. Trauma mode- the mother of all modes, the impossible mode, no time to think. Trauma mode is for the adrenaline junkies. Play in 3 different aesthetic themes. Vibrant mode- bring color to your phone. Silent Night- Play in pin-drop silence, simple black-white theme, no distraction for the late night wolves. Party Lights- Brighten up your life with some neon lights and crazy music.