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D-Zone: Dark Worlds

D-Zone: Dark Worlds

by Ariel Demi


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D-Zone: Dark Worlds
D-Zone: Dark Worlds
D-Zone: Dark Worlds
D-Zone: Dark Worlds

D-Zone: Dark Worlds is a side scroller / shoot 'em up game for iPhone. It's creation was inspired by games we all loved to play on the Atari and Sega Mega Systems (R-Type for example) back in the 80's and 90's. It features awesome gameplay with beautiful art and dozens of challenging enemies

The year 2182, planet earth is being threatened by a cruel enemy named Galokir coming from the far galaxy of Karicalis. In order to show they mean business, they wipe out two major cities in the US and place and ultimatum of two weeks for earth humans to surrender. A special international committee is assembled is being trying to find a solution to this threat.
One of the first persons approached by the international committee is Jay Tumber. Jay is a hard core space fighter with years of space combat experience. He participated in large scale combats and special forces mission.

When Jay realises that a global solution is not near he decides to take matter into his own hands. His mission is to try and neutralise the enemy by hitting its weak points at his home planets.