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Cute Munchies

Cute Munchies

by Niji Games


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Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies
Cute Munchies

We are a new game developer based in Indonesia and our goal is to develop unique and fun games for players, so we came out with Cute Munchies, an original puzzle game that you and other mobile game users might be interested in.

Don't be fooled by the cuteness! Cute Munchies is an easy to play and challenging puzzle full of tricky levels for the players. Just swipe and find the best route to collect all the scattered munchies on the grounds. But player must be wary, because they can get stuck or trapped on a dead end.  Player can unlock and explore more chapter and find another tricky yet interesting puzzle to be solved!


Game key features:

  • Cute characters 
  • Tons of levels and puzzle
  • Delicious munchies unique for each characters
  • Easy to play with just 1 swipe to play
  • Great visuals and graphics
  • Share your results to your friends
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Hints

And more features will be coming in each game updates (New levels, Online levels, Build levels, etc)