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Cursor: The Virus Hunter

Cursor: The Virus Hunter

by Cogoo Inc.


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  • Cursor: The Virus Hunter
  • Cursor: The Virus Hunter
  • Cursor: The Virus Hunter
  • Cursor: The Virus Hunter
  • Cursor: The Virus Hunter
Dedicated to all the computer geeks out there 0100010101101010010010001001001010100101011101 Your computer has a virus. To save your data and bring operation back to normal, you must use the mouse cursor to hunt down the digital infection. If you fail, the system will shut down and all is lost. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Game Concept A virus has been detected and you need to eradicate it as quickly as possible in this retro-style arcade experience. Your best friend, Cursor, will help pursue and destroy every software contaminant. Just tap and hold to ‘fly’ the arrow-shaped navigation upwards and release to move downward on the screen. Removing multiple bug-type components very quickly, i.e., a combo, causes Cursor to become bigger and bigger. Achieve Super Cursor status to wipe out all of the pestilent and corrupted items super fast. ------------------------------------------------------------------- What Makes it Fun? The simple, classic arcade shooter gameplay is applied to a uniquely fun theme, the erasure of a viral intrusion on a personal computer using the mouse cursor in a fighter jet fashion. ------------------------------------------------------------------- For Gamers That Enjoy action-packed engagements, including explosions Prefer a single, straightforward objective and score-based competition Want an activity suitable for satisfying short and long periods http://www.appszoom.com/android-game/cursor-the-virus-hunter-runjd.html

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