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Cube Crush Mania

Cube Crush Mania

by SimplyApps


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  • Cube Crush Mania
  • Cube Crush Mania
  • Cube Crush Mania

Cube Crush Mania is a simple puzzle game where you must drag your finger up, down, left or right. With this gesture, you will send all cubes in one direction. If four or more blocks of the same color are in contact, they explode. Blow up as many cubes as possible to earn points!

=== 7 game modes === 

Mania mode cubes automatically burst as soon as they are grouped by 4 or more
Crush mode you must press the button to blow Crush the cubes grouped by 4 or more (This Manual mode allows you to better manage your combos)

- arcade (Mania / Crush) : Your life increases as cubes explode but decreases with every movement
- time (Mania / Crush): Make the best score before time runs out
- zombies (Mania / Crush): Blow up the blocks near the zombies to kill them. Watch your life bar!
- puzzles: Make all the cubes of one color explode at once

=== Earn experience === 

Each party will gain from the experience. This will increase your life bar for Arcade and Zombies modes. It also allows you to unlock new grids.

=== Share your records ===

Your best scores are recorded and compared with the best world scores. End of the game you can also post your record on Facebook.

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