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Crazy Shadow Running

Crazy Shadow Running

by Share3dvn


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  • Crazy Shadow Running
  • Crazy Shadow Running
  • Crazy Shadow Running
  • Crazy Shadow Running
  • Crazy Shadow Running
Play the Crazy Shadow Running many Challenging for Android now! Crazy Shadow Running is a 3D Run Game. If you like playing running games you will love this adventure game. This Running game is simple, addictive endless running game challenging your reflexes. Your hero is Iron Superman. Take control of your Shadow Run, grab all the coins; dodge the obstacles, run, jump, and glide for a non-stop run! Just do anything to keep him alive. Don't let your hero to touch the obstacles - spikes can stab him to the end of game! Become stronger by collecting power-ups and equipment. Unleash the Angry runner within you inside the Subway Tunnel with your hero run. Fast as you can and collect all coins to earn extra time! How to run with Crazy Shadow? ✔ Swipe up to jump over barriers ✔ Swipe down to slide under obstacles ✔ Tap to throw screws at obstacles and destroy them ✔ Collect as many screw/elements, power-ups and "life gems" as you can ✔ Use "life" gem to continue from where you died. Features: ✔ Dozens of perilous traps and fun Obstacles ✔ A lot of missions ✔ Nice graphics and sounds. ✔ Addictive scenario. ✔ Beat your own higs core ✔ Great sound effects throughtout the game ✔ Intuitive touch controls ✔ Huge variety of obstacles. ✔ Free to play. ✔ Freedom of movement! dodge! jump! roll! fly! ✔ Can throw unlimited number of screws ✔ Original 3D-run function combines jumping, turning, and sliding. ✔ Touch game exciting and Fun play! ✔ Crazy run achievements. ✔ Lots of acrobatic maneuvers ✔ Multiple game modes: Awesome challenge, Adventure and our favourite Endless Survival! ✔ 300 collectible items to be gathered while passing your quests: Ramps, Obstacles, Tunnels, Coins and more! Play-run and become the top runner! Run until you are a legend! Download free game now! Enjoy game.

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