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Crazy Math

Crazy Math

by Amobi Tech


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Crazy Math is new way to demostrate your quickness and Math skill. How to Play : You are given a simple equation having either multiplication (X) or addition (+) with two operands, sounds simple right, but not so simple. Because, you will be alloted small time to solve this equation, solve the equation before the timer ends and reaches to 0. It is a fun game and one can practice it to seek expertise. Levels : Every time you score 5 points your level will be upgraded by 1, for example score 0-4 have level 1 and 5-9 have level 2 and so on. On each increase in level the numbers (operands) will become bigger and bigger, thus increasing the complexity of game. User Interface : Simple and user friendly interface. Easy to understand and play. Challenge your Friend : Challenge your friend is unique way of sending your best score for this game. Send your scores with a single click and challenge him/her to beat your record. If you still have not downloaded it, download it for free. Post your honest reviews on Google play. Please like our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/crazymath01 Find the crazy math featured in : Knicket : http://en.knicket.com/android/crazy-math/wo953 GreatApps : http://www.thegreatapps.com/apps/crazy-math/

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