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Crazy Circle - 1200 Levels

Crazy Circle - 1200 Levels

by McGeeMind Games


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Crazy Circle - 1200 Levels
Crazy Circle - 1200 Levels
Crazy Circle - 1200 Levels
Crazy Circle - 1200 Levels

NEW from the creators of the Hit Game Spinning Circle


Are you ready to get into never ending madness of the Crazy Circle ?


Crazy Circle is an addicting arcade game which tests your reflexes to the extreme.


A pin circle game in which role of the user is to pin all the dots to spinning wheel with simple tap control. This is different from classic circle games with jumping and bouncing controls!





• Tap on screen to shoot the dot to the spinning wheel

• Pin the dot in such a way that it must not touch with the other radiant balls

• Each level requires a certain amount of dots to pin to complete the level

• Circles in each level twist, spin, and rotate in different directions at different speeds



★★★ FEATURES ★★★


● Single tap control!

● Unique minimal art style!

● Smooth gameplay!

● Simple to learn yet hard to conquer

● No points/score system, No complications!

● Improves patience and promptness!

● Crazy Circle is color blind friendly

● Compare your rankings with players worldwide

● Full of addictions, suitable for both Adults and Kids!



Hooking in spinning circle with perfect timing will complete the level more quickly, but with just single wrong tap goes to level failed, This will test how patient you are and also improves your aiming capabilities.





• Free to play!

• Addicting 1200 unique levels

• Simple, thoughtful gameplay

• Stress reliever!

• Solve all the 1200 levels and test your reflexes

• The more you play, more you get addicted



You’ll love the game where you will feel the wave of addictive madness of the game about Wheels and Balls


How many levels can you complete? 100, 500 or 1200 ? Let's have challenge? Download now and push your skills to the limit in Crazy Circle




We hope it will be a good fun for you, to play all 1200 levels


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We also appreciate your valuable suggestions to improve the game.

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