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Courage of Fire

Courage of Fire

by SummerTimeStudio


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  • Courage of Fire
  • Courage of Fire
  • Courage of Fire
  • Courage of Fire
  • Courage of Fire
SummerTimeStudio, the mobile game development studio in Okinawa, Japan, brings you its 14th title, Courage of Fire! Courage of Fire is a fire survival action game about a firefighter who battles the blaze! The Firefighter goes into realistically reproduced fires at warehouses, in sewer tunnels, a subway, and an entire city. Once a fire starts, it keeps getting worse and worse. Fire survival battle in the blaze begins now! How to Play - Touch screen to turn on the water cannon. - Change point of view to the front, back, left, and right as well as put out the fire! - Movement speed is faster when water cannon is turned off. How to Strengthen your Character for Better Gameplay -Your character will level up by gaining experience. -Depending on the level, you can buy various items which enhance your character. Equip with stronger items to face bigger fires! Enjoy the Game -As difficulty increases, areas to be extinguished becomes wider. -There are many "hidden flames" that occur when approached. Find all the flames to earn more experience points and coins! -HP will decrease when too close to the flames. Don’t get too close! -Extinguishing time depends on water discharge. Find the best way to put out the fire! Minimum Recommended Devices AndroidOS 4.2 GalaxyS4 Nexus7 iOS iPhone5 iPad Air

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