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Cop Radar- Speed Detector

Cop Radar- Speed Detector

by Blue Dream Apps


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  • Cop Radar- Speed Detector
  • Cop Radar- Speed Detector


We have launched an innovative app named Cop Radar.

When driving on the highway, we tend to forget the speed limit. By mistake, we may exceed the speed limit, which not only poses the risk of getting a speed ticket from the cops, but is also unsafe. Cop Radar aims to prevent both these issues. It's an intelligent speed detector app which alerts the user whenever he/she crosses the speed limit of the region he/she is driving in.

All you need to do is enter the speed limit and start the app. Cop Radar detects your vehicle speed when you are driving. The app has a background audio which starts playing if you exceed the speed limit you have set.

Utility of the app:

1. Keeps you safe when driving.

2. Prevents you from getting caught by the cops or being penalized with a speed ticket.

3. Lets you drive peacefully as you don't have to worry about violating the speed limit.

4. Serves as a great entertainment app too. Traveling in a bus or car? You can check out whether its speed is within the limit. If not, you can notify the driver about it!

App features:

Can detect the speed of your automobile
Lets you set the speed limit in miles per hour or kilometers per hour
Alerts you by playing a background audio if you exceed the speed limit you have set


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