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Cool Ringtones

Cool Ringtones

by Latest Application And Games


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Cool Ringtones
Cool Ringtones
Cool Ringtones
Cool Ringtones
Cool Ringtones

Ladies and gentlemen, the hottest new ringtones for your Android™ are here! Download free Cool Ringtones app and check out this fabulous compilation. Get ready to listen to some amazing sounds, that you can set as your general ringtone and text message sound. These popular melodies include the best drum mix sounds, as well as plenty of cool effects and mandolin tunes. Feel the positive energy that comes from the latest melodies, listen to all of them and set the ones you like the most as favourites. Do you sometimes just let the cool rhythm take you and dance to top songs at your favourite drum discotheque? Well now, you can complete your urban fashion style with these awesome ringtones and set them as notification and alarm sound. You can use different tones on various occasions, and have one that will suit your every mood. If you love listening to soft guitar music, and if you enjoy cool trans rhythm, then these melodies will be just your cup of tea.

Some amazing musical instruments were used in this cool soundboard, like  the mandolin, classic guitar and the hard rock guitar. Share with your friends on social networks and enjoy the best tunes together. There are some fantastic options in this cool keyboard, like the ringtone cutter. Use that option to edit melodies and to make your new tones that you can later use. The hottest ringtones for your smartphone are here, so download them free of charge. Your android device deserves these popular sounds, and happy melodies that will cheer you up immediately! Listen to the latest tunes while getting ready for a night out, and make an awesome atmosphere on time. This is not all, you can set a different tone for each of your contacts for your contact list. That way you can set a beautiful sound for your family members, and let your phone ring in the rhythm of love when your significant other dials your phone!

The best ringtones, text message tunes and beautiful alarm tones – is what you can expect to find in this popular application. It also includes the latest notification, as well as top melodies that you can assign to different contacts from your contact list and personalize your smartphone or tablet. The coolest ringtones are for people of all ages who enjoy funny sms tones, the hottest melodies and great music sounds. Do not hesitate and download these awesome ringtones for free on your Android device, because you will have so much fun. Wonderful sound effects are also here, and you can enjoy listening to the newest melodies on your headset. Separate the ones you like the most in a favourites folder, use the ringtone cutter to edit sounds and have a great time using this extraordinary funny ringtones soundboard. These melodies are compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Google Nexus 5, as well as with Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6. Have fun using these amazing ringtones, alarm and sms sounds that have been tested on Sony Xperia Z1S, Lg G3, Lg G4, HTC One M8 and  HTC One X.

How to use the app:

  • Set as ringtone tune
  • Set as text message or alarm
  • Set as notification sound
  • Add to favourites
  • Set different tones for each contact
  • Use the ringtone cutter to edit melodies