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Cooking Food Princess Girl

Cooking Food Princess Girl

by Princess Star


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  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
  • Cooking Food Princess Girl
Welcome to the world of Tiny Princess, where the most beauty girls await you. This time will not have to change their dress, but you will live an exciting story. Where you can go to the supermarket to buy all kinds and food easy to cook after all you want. In this game for girls where magic shines and flows on all sides. Support has 4 Princesses more help from the girl in the supermarket, making a total of 5 beauty Tinys. You'll have a great time, it will be fun. Pay attention, because you have to go to the supermarket with a shopping list of your choice. Catch all products, food and food then you need to cooking your signature dish in your own home. Rich dishes to choose from, with a variety of nutrients where after you must eat with all the princess. They are all very beauty, but do not be fooled care and make them eat it all. You can cooking easy for every day of the week a different dish and varied where the development is in your hand. ** Features ** - Wide variety of food in the supermarket. - Fun interactions with beauty princess Tiny. - You'll pay the clerk with coins and bills. - Easy Cooking for the week with customized recipes. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday. - Long hours of entertainment await you in this game for girls. - Home recipes, simple recipes And much more .. Cooking your dish star for your family. Sure that you will be surprised and very rich. Have hot meals or cold, it will depend on you feel like eating. So come all you beauty princes waiting to eat. They are hungry and just a girl like you will be able to make them happy.

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