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Commando War

Commando War

by StomStudio Games


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Commando War
Commando War
Commando War
Commando War
Commando War
Commando War

You are a criminal and this is a intense raid which you must to get down many commandoes- very good gunmans. It is quite hard for you to go through and shoot up all. It is quite hard for you to go through and shoot up other very good gunmans. They strike the criminal and he is only their target,too. There are two choices for you to adopt a preferable character in Commando War: Jin, Alice. The farther you go, the more enemies appear and the tougher thing you have to face as well. This game require your acuity, speed.
Nice graphic and the screen good audio production will encourage you to keep on playing Commando War and have longer adventure.

How to play:
- On mobile: Tap the screen where appear button to control your character: turn left, turn right, jump up,shoot
- On desktop/web: Use your keyboard to control the character. you press button A to turn left, button D to turn right, button W to jump, button L to shoot

Features in Commando War:
- Amazing graphic and sounds with special effects 
- 12 levels
- Shop with many kinds of weapon which has more and faster shot 
- Two choices of character 
- Able to take advantage of accessory items what appear accidentally when fighting, help you to strengthen your health. 

We hope all our players have a great time on exploring Commando War, thanks a lot!

P/s: We we are looking for a publisher collaborator or co-operate with other team to bid out-source code. If you have demand and intention to co-operate with us, Please contact with us via this facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/StomStudio