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Commando Action War 2016

Commando Action War 2016

by Door to Apps


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Commando Action War 2016
Commando Action War 2016
Commando Action War 2016
Win with the help of highly trained special task force commandos and spies. They are the front line commando force, highly skilled deadly men, each of them is a man of steel! You can use their services to clear out the enemy areas for the forces following up. Also infiltrate them in highly secured enemy sites and accomplish missions which cannot be performed by regular army men. Sneak in and wash out! Game story highlights: At first, you rescue two of your men trapped in enemy prison - in splinter cell. After this prison escape, there starts a never-ending sneak-peek among your fugitive commandos and the ruthless enemies. After getting out of the prison you capture the enemy base to destroy their communication system with enemy headquarters. After the destruction of communication system, move towards the headquarters and capture the headquarters. During this war, use your specialized commando skills. You can use different back stab techniques (e.g. punch) and weapons (Pistol, Sniper gun and knife) to get down the enemy force.