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Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores

Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores

by Pirgos Arcana


Our Rating

  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
  • Combat Hawks: 2 jugadores
Fight solor or against a friend in thrilling dogfights. Two players on the same mobile. > Take control of your combat hawk and proves who is the best aviator. > Fly avoiding the intense heat of volcanoes while pursuing your opponent. > Challenge a friend in an exciting test of skill, you need only a mobile phone or tablet. HOW TO PLAY - Choose a side of mobile. If you play on the upper side you will be the yellow plane, if you play on the bottom side you will be the red plane. Keep an eye on your fighter, the planes are small so that two players can play on the same device. - Use left control to turn and right button to shoot. - Watch the integrity of your hull and your ammunition. Ammo regenerates over time, but if your hull reaches 0, you lose a round. - Volcanoes also damage your hull. - Be smart. If you leave the screen, you will enter from the opposite side. Use this as a tactical advantage to attack your enemy from behind. - The winner is the best of 5 rounds.

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