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Coloring Book for Kids

Coloring Book for Kids

by GoodSoftTech


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  • Coloring Book for Kids
  • Coloring Book for Kids
  • Coloring Book for Kids
  • Coloring Book for Kids
Interactive kids coloring book is a game for everyone. We placed particular attention to the use of coloring pages by small kids. Painted pictures are very simple and each provides educational role. With our tools you can use plain color brush or pencil, for the less patient toddlers filling shapes function has been implemented. Our filling algorithm takes into account shapes painted by a child, which allows you to create really cool pictures. painting for kids. Our coloring book teaches kids letters of alphabet . We added 24 animated funny letters of English alphabet as stickers, you must see them! After pressing letter you will hear correct English pronunciation recorded by native English speakers. With our coloring book kids can learn not only the names of colors, we have provided also to color pictures of digits 0-9 and the 24 letters of the alphabet. While coloring digits kids can color the same number of items equal-colored numeral. In addition children can learn names of animals. Coloring book is divided into following categories: mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians etc. Categories school and holiday help children to get used to the rhythm of daily duties. In addition to basic functions such as filling, painting and eraser, it is possible to put stickers on pictures. Kids have the choice of many colored stickers that decorate beautify their artistic work. Some of the labels are animated, many emits different sounds. Stickers can be increased or decreased by double-clicking on the image. It is known that in all of the manual work, either using a brush or pencil kids develop and improve manual skills. Kids coloring book does not attempt to replace the traditional and very important tool, it is an accessory that complements and stimulates children's experience and imagination. We are also the parents and we know how important it is that applications for our children to be good quality, intuitive and transparent. Coloring book for kids was invented because we were looking for an application that will meet all our expectations. Our Coloring pages for kids runs quickly, while painting lines or coloring figures there is no delays. Children will be happy to use this coloring because of the richness of colors and functionality Install coloring page books for kids and see how easy it is in use and how much fun it will make your babies while coloring. Frozen coloring book. Your child can choose coloring in many categories such as: - Letters - Numbers - Holidays - School - Mammals - Reptiles and Amphibians - Birds - Insects - Fish - Funny cup to color and others. While working with your child you can teach color names, recognize different animals, you can color and paint your own images. Child may also hear barking dog, or cat's voice. There are floating fishes. Coloring book allows saving pictures in the gallery, from where the image can be printed, sent by e-mail or shared on social network. Drawing different shapes and motifs supports our children's imagination. Coloring page has a variety of audio features. in the coloring and activity sheet, you can find many other interesting features. There is coloring by number. We highly recommend our coloring book for kids.

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