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Color Fit

Color Fit

by Szekeres Botond


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Color Fit
Color Fit
Color Fit

"Color Fit" is the most classic color and size matching game. This endless game is very simple to play with touch mode gaming controls yet the most challenging and ultimate fun. Be fast and tap on the screen to quickly change the color and size of the rectangular bar to match the color and size of the gaps on the screen. Stay focused and quick! 
The game "Color Fit" is designed with simple user interface and colorful sound effects. "Color Fit" is very simple to play and does not require any special training. The game just requires one game to be played and is perfect for all age group players from kids to teens to adults. Play the game whenever you get time and anywhere you go. The most entertaining game "Color Fit" does not require any internet connection and will never let you get bored. The game is completely a fun game with lots of challenges. Concentrate to change the color and size quickly. The rectangle comes in 5 different colors and 2 different sizes. Change the color as many times as possible to max the bonus bar and get randomly one of the awesome bonuses of automatic color change or automatic size change.
Download the most amazing classic game "Color Fit" and enjoy the unlimited fun playing the endless game. The game is perfect to relieve you from stress and to refresh your mind. Score the maximum points and challenge your friends to play the most entertaining and challenging game ever!