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Color Fill Puzzle for Android

Color Fill Puzzle for Android



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  • Color Fill Puzzle for Android
  • Color Fill Puzzle for Android
  • Color Fill Puzzle for Android
  • Color Fill Puzzle for Android
  • Color Fill Puzzle for Android
  • Color Fill Puzzle for Android

Color Fill Puzzle for Android is very addictive and challenging free puzzle game for Android Game Features: This amazing mind blowing puzzle game is based on six different color squares on game board. Pink, Blue,Yellow, Green, Brown and Sky Blue. - There are 20 Different Game Levels available. - Game Board already filled with mix pattern of all six colors - There are defined maximum moves Allowed for each game level - Play with Sound or Mute How to Play Color Fill Puzzle: *The goal is simple – pair with matching color from color palette given below, - Touch on the color from palette and cover the entire game board with single color. - Match and fill the board with single color within minimum moves to solve each puzzle. - Yo can advance to next level once you solve any puzzle without a FAIL. - Think wisely, and choose the correct COLOR which enables you to pass the level without exceeding maximum moves allowed. - There are different moves limit depending upon current game level - Leaving two or more colors in the end on the game board with all moves finished will FAIL the level. This app is absolutely free, offers some advertisements IAP - A minimal in-app to remove the ads to play the game smoothly which essentially help us to improve the game quality in upcoming versions! 'Color Fill Puzzle’ is the most challenging puzzle game ever developed for Android phone and tablets! If you love our puzzle game please rate the game and share with friends to let them enjoy and face the challenge too. Support website: www.saapps.net Follow us: twitter.com/saappsofficial Like us: facebook.com/saappsofficial Pinterest: pinterest.com/saappsofficial

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