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Cockroach Insect Simulator

Cockroach Insect Simulator

by Lisa Jeff


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Cockroach Insect Simulator
Cockroach Insect Simulator
Cockroach Insect Simulator
Cockroach Insect Simulator

Welcome to the cockroach insect simulator in which you play as a cockroach. In this game you will survive in the kitchen, fight with spider and rat which are enemy and also save your life from house owner. Cockroach eats donuts, fruits and sweets which are placed on the table and shelf in the kitchen. Beware from the house owner; rat and spider which are create difficulties to survive in this simulator.

How to survive? You survive alone in the kitchen for search of food. Make friend and survive with them. Beware from house hold and mad animals like angry spider and mad rats which are killers. Challenging levels are waiting! Find the food and eat them which are placed in the cupboard and tables. Fight with the enemies like angry rat and mad spider and escape from the house owner. A girl washing dishes, suddenly a cockroach appears in front her, she calls for help; her husband arrives at the spot to rescue. Her hubby starts looking for cockroach and start to smash everything with sleeper and try to kill the poor insect. You will save your life from owner and hide from them.