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Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book

Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book

by Pur - Pur Games


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  • Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book
  • Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book
  • Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book
  • Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book
  • Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book
  • Cockatoo: 3D Coloring book
This is an amazing coloring app! Kids are able to rotate and flip beautiful 3D images and use their creative immagination to pick the best combination of bright exciting colours for their own awesome creation. Toddler may zoom in and out with a simple slide of hand to make the items easy to color in. Your masterpieces can be safely uploaded to the internal memory of your device. Let your imagination soar to new heights. A wide variety colors will allow you to color in you 3D drawings in the most wonderfully unusual way. In case the background is not to your liking, you may change it to any background available in the game. Coloring pages for Kids contains a gallery of images of volume: a parrot Pier, a hot-air balloon, a fish Dora, a car gas station, a ship, a 3d toy car, a cakes, a coloring cupcakes, a Christmas tree, a peppa's fairy-tale castle, a lighthouse, a tank, locomotive and landscapes Everybody like this fantastic doodling game. Kids like to feel themselves like Picasso Coloring page is good for everyone and for children with autism spectrum too. The kids with autism can relax and spend fun time, when they play with color game Toddlers game distinctions: - no ads - Parental control - Attractive color range for kids - Subtle sounds - Intuitively simple interface - You will be able to save your drawings among the images of your phone! You can play with Cockatoo colouring, use your fingers like a brush, coloring shapes. This pictures for coloring is simple like abc coloring with big paintbox

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