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Classic Drums

Classic Drums

by hkfrankhk


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Classic Drums
Classic Drums
Classic Drums
Classic Drums
Classic Drums is the fastest and most realistic drum app. The engine in Classic Drums has been designed to provide the fastest possible response on all devices. No delay or latency when playing drums. It's impossible to make a faster drum app with so cool visual feedback. The Classic Drums has three modes: Normal mode: Tap the drums and cymbals to play songs. Fake mode: Turn on the switch, and then tap anywhere you want. You will show magic. This is a fun way to play real drum music on your device. It is a fun way to show off you are a drummer. Edit mode: You could edit the drum position If you are a drummer or constantly tapping on things, you may really enjoy this app. FEATURES: Play multiple drum heads and cymbals simultaneously Visual feedback when tapping drums and cymbals The fastest response time Best playability Editable drums Support all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD)