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City Bus Driving Simulator 3D

City Bus Driving Simulator 3D

by Lingogames


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  • City Bus Driving Simulator 3D
  • City Bus Driving Simulator 3D
  • City Bus Driving Simulator 3D
  • City Bus Driving Simulator 3D
The terrific City Bus Driving Simulator 3D is a tremendous driving road simulator game enabling the driver to fully enjoy the simulation effect on the road and the realistic 3D graphics effect. This simulator driving game of city bus driving simulator will put you into the driving seat and your can cruise the city with steering wheel under your control giving you immersive simulator experience of this beautiful huge passenger bus driving the best bus game among all other bus games. Start your engines, take a deep breath, hold the controls of the steering wheel and drive through the city for transporting passengers from one stop to another in this big city while driving this bus simulator 3D cruising yourself onto the streets of the mega and metropolitan city and drive through the difficult roads unknown to you until now, as an expert bus driver, your unique experience within the city as City Bus driving simulator game in this realistic bus scenario, you will learn and polish your skills as how to drive these big buses and vehicles while picking and dropping passengers to their destinations from point to point bus stops and enjoying the realistic physics that makes this city bus simulator apart from other bus driving games. A very important aspect of this city bus driving simulator 3d is that you should be very careful and watchful on the road as heavy and light traffic like heavy duty trucks, speeding cars, ambulances, police car chasers simulators etc. will be around you and you have to make sure not to crash or collide with or cause accidents with them, this simulation game will lead you to the extreme levels and will not only test your driving skills but also the endurance in different locations, treacherous road. Driving around the city will increase your skills; you have to learn all the rules and regulations of the road ethics. ★★★★★CITY BUS DRIVING SIMULATOR 3D CONTROLS★★★★★ ● You can drive the extreme buses with smooth steering wheel. Steering wheel will give you the experience of real bus driving which can help you to become the master of steering control. ● Accelerometer (Tilt) control requires your full concentration while driving over the road. You have to tilt your device right or left to move accordingly. ● Button (Arrow) control will creates the bus controller extremely easy and smooth. You just need to press right direction arrow to turn or move on right hand side or press left directed arrow to move or turn left hand side. ★★★★★GAME HIGHLIGHTS★★★★★ ● You can upgrade your extreme 3D buses Engine, Speed Limit, Drifting ability, Controls/Handling, Breaks and Tires ● Day and night free driving simulator environment ● Free drive within city ● Realistic 3D environment ● Best physics engine ● Full HD graphics with high quality design ● Free extreme sports buses ● Many achievements to win ● Amazing 3D buses interiors ● Race against the time ● Realistic street driving experience ● Buses customization ● Off-road terrain ● Forward and backward driving game ★★★★★GET CONNECTED★★★★★ You can join our Facebook page to get latest updates & promotions: https://www.facebook.com/LingoMobileGames

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