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Chuck Saves Christmas

Chuck Saves Christmas

by Motionlab Interactive


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Chuck Saves Christmas
Chuck Saves Christmas
Chuck Saves Christmas
Chuck Saves Christmas

It’s been a big day for Chuck the Elf. After helping to get Santa’s sleigh loaded up with all the Christmas gifts he fell asleep on his watch and the sneaky Snowmaniacs have stolen the sleigh, the gifts, and everything! Unless he gets them all back, Christmas is officially cancelled.

Armed with his trusty snowball catapult, Chuck needs your help to guide him through Naughty Land’s twenty-two levels of fiendish festive fun. Hit the Snowmaniacs with your snowballs to uncover the gifts. But it won’t be easy, you have a limited number of snowballs, and the shy Snowmaniacs like to hide behind Christmas trees and chimney stacks to obstruct your way. And then when the wind blows... well, let’s just say you’re going to need all your skill and judgment if you hope to save the day.

Chuck saves Christmas is free to play, but if you feel the ads hinder your quest, an in-app purchase can take them away for good.

With bonus levels and snow globes and mischievous half-pipe riding snowmen, Chuck Saves Christmas is the ideal game to get you in festive mood.

Give Chuck the biggest present of all and help him save Christmas.