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Christmas Fun : Santa Run

Christmas Fun : Santa Run

by OceanTree


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  • Christmas Fun : Santa Run
  • Christmas Fun : Santa Run
  • Christmas Fun : Santa Run
  • Christmas Fun : Santa Run
  • Christmas Fun : Santa Run
The time is starting to do plan for big entertainment through several creative ideas and fun by decorating trees and houses around our villages and cities. Mostly, In Christmas, Kids are waiting for their big surprise from Santa and that will be possible when Santa has enough gifts to give them. Do you think about Santa? How they Collect the Gifts? And how they arrive near a specific town, cities and villages? This is beginning with one best sleigh prepared by Santa Claus and his best friend reindeer. Santa Claus starts his journey in snowing environment with his reindeer in the morning. They have to run as quickly as possible on the snow path in between hilarious snow mountain and decorative tree views. During the sleigh-riding, Santa has to keep perfect balance when high bumps coming in the road. Meanwhile snowing in cities and kids are waiting for their presents. Play the role of the best Santa Claus of Children and give them this year best Christmas gift. Make their holiday season magnificent by giving them a precious gift. We are waiting to see you as a Santa Claus in this game. Let’s start your Christmas by downloading this beautiful challenging game.

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