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Chocolate Photo Collage

Chocolate Photo Collage

by Eonetek


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Chocolate Photo Collage
Chocolate Photo Collage
Chocolate Photo Collage
Chocolate Photo Collage
Chocolate Photo Collage
Chocolate Photo Collage
Chocolate Photo Collage

Delicious chocolate bars are going to help your create the top pic collages. Your photos will not only be saved from oblivion, but you will also get remarkable work of art that you can give to someone you love as a present. If you have a sweet tooth, and love this enchanting delicacy, the popular Chocolate Photo Collage is perfect for you. You simply adore that tasty flavor of cocoa beans and cannot get enough of this treat, no matter if it is white or dark. It is pretty simple to manipulate this cool application, thus it can be used by both, adults and children. You are in for an endless fun, where you will be able to express your creativity in designing best masterpieces. Don’t hesitate anymore, and hurry up to the market to download the newest Chocolate Photo Collage app free of charge on your smartphone or tablet.

Your brilliant career of professional editor is about to start. In order to decorate personal photos you will need to decide on the number of pictures you want to use. Afterwards, select the grid that will fit in the best way. Tap on the fields and insert the images from your device gallery. Little bit of adjusting when it comes to size will be necessary, but that can be done within a few seconds. Rotate your photographs and zoom in and out to place them just the way you want to. Choose the width and color of the border, and move on to setting the coolest background. There is a wide choice for you, and you can put chocolate bubbles, or tasty bars with the inscription “I love you”. That is all up to you. Let the fun begin with the latest Chocolate Photo Collage.

Yummy sweets are going to appear on your screen and help you save your dearest memories from oblivion. Now, you are almost done. To make your top work of art complete you will be obliged to put a frame. So many fantastic ones are designed especially for you. Would you like to have aerated chocolate all around your images? This will give them extraordinary look. If you prefer there is a safe old bar of this tasty treat that will impress not only you, but also all of your friends. As a cherry on the cake you will have many various stickers to choose from. Put a black and white chocolate ball, or lips made entirely of this beautiful cocoa cream.  It will be only up to you to set the size of these fabulous stickers. With the popular Chocolate Photo Collage your pictures are going to get a brand new look.

Follow these steps and have the best experience:

  • Select the coolest photos from your own gallery
  • Find the grid and frame that suit your taste
  • Use a background that will enhance your photographs even more
  • Decide on the size of the border and easily change its color
  • Choose among amazing stickers and set your new picture as a wallpaper

Save all your work in a phone or tablet gallery, and you will be able to share it with your friends, or to use the fabulous masterpieces as a wallpaper. Embark on an exciting editing adventure and you will discover how interesting it is. No previous skills are required. You will only need your imagination and a goodwill. During work your mouth will definitely water, and you will get a craving for this delicious treat. Don’t stall your decision, and run away to the market to download the latest Chocolate Photo Collage! It will come as a shock to you to find out that it is one hundred percent free of charge!