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Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight

Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight

by Dreamcodes Inc


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  • Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight
  • Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight
  • Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight
  • Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight
  • Chicken Clash: Balloon Fight

Chicken Clash is amazingly funny platform game which will test the ability and reflex, Being in complete control of every movement of chicken, very easy to learn .Use skill to beat opponents, run and fly in the sky that is harmful, take a balloon and you will survive ! watch out for dangerous traps and hidden enemy!. And share to your Facebook to get balloon pump!
The story begins when the "Tenta" king of the terrorist group called "Ban - Tsu" declare war two years ago. One by one, All Nations of the world have fallen into his hands. After two years of its colonizing seize large parts of the world, no one can stop it because its many troops.
Now Tenta pick a new island for the next demolition area, now is the birthday brother Cody, Cody is the oldest child in her family. his parents were died when the group Ban - Tsu visiting and took all the men on the island green island to become workers Tenta. All the attackers have retreated, but still a lot of troops. Ban - Tsu, Cody can fight all? it all depends on you.
Please join and help cody against all the army Ban - Tsu and Tenta.

Chicken Clash is influenced by Nintendo, an old games in memoriam Satoru Iwata "Balloon Fight". We redefine with our version. Our plan is not just to make it a game, we want to start from a simple game into a big data that will be useful for the products floating further. 
We start make this game with our 2D Artist who started from the scracth with his mouse pad.

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