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Checklist: To-Do Tasks

Checklist: To-Do Tasks

by Art Lab


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Checklist: To-Do Tasks
Checklist: To-Do Tasks
Checklist: To-Do Tasks
Checklist: To-Do Tasks
Checklist: To-Do Tasks

✔✔ Aim of Checklist "Simplicity is the key" ✔✔
An organizational tool. A collaboration platform. A scheduling tool. An event organizer. A workflow manager. A business manager or tool. An event coordinator.

Provides a central hub for you to store your tasks in an organized manner, so you don't have to keep it in your mind.
Some daily task list practices-
✓ You want to buy something? 
✓ Want meet with boss on time? 
✓ Want to watch new releasing movies on date? 
✓ Want to celebrate birthday ceremony of yours or friends? 
✓ Want to not forget any of your important task?... Here is the solution...!!! 

Unique To-Do List
Initiative tasks swiping to mark to-do's as complete –
Move yourself organized and enjoy every minute of it.
Life Planner
Checklist is a checklist, a notepad, task list, a board for sticky notes, a daily planner, and overall the simplest and most useful productivity tool you will ever have. Best of all – it’s free for use!
Life Organizer
Organize your to-do,s with powerful attributes such as – Project or Task Title, Start Date, Due Date, Alarm Notification on Date/Time, Swipe Remove and Click to Edit functionalities. 
Check Lists
Checklist is use to remind you for shopping at the grocery store, upcoming movie checklist, important meetings, family parties and gathering parties like birthday, marriage etc. 
Rules Followed
Checklist is built with proven GTD “Getting Things Done”. With intuitive and powerful features that help you organize, visualize and prioritize your to-dos, keeping yourself on task and focused on what’s most important is easier.
✓ Checklist organize conveniently all your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks on the track. 
✓ Just simply add your task and save it. Set reminders to remind it on the exact time and date. 
✓ Checklist list reminder shows notifications on device screen.
✓ Checklist provides help to arrange your daily tasks. 
✓ Just simply swipe left or right to remove the task on completion or non important. 
✓ Click on task to update its text, date, time and reminder of your own choice.
✓ Long press any of task to drag up or down and sort it out according your own choice.
✓ Also undo easily if you delete a task by mistake

Checklist provide the following unique features-
✓ Minimalistic interface.
✓ Clickable list for update task
✓ Simple and Easy
✓ Simply material designed
✓ Swap or drag to remove tasks
✓ Drag Up/Down to sort tasks
✓ Colorful themes with night mode

Use Checklist as collaboration app and make it easier for you.
Coming update- To do list screen widget

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