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Chase & Hunt

Chase & Hunt

by RGB Game Studios


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Unlock the full power of your iOS device with Chase & Hunt, an open world game that has thrilling gameplay and vistas that you can show off. Explore these landscapes as you soar through parched deserted lands , dew touched highlands verdant with life, dusty canyons and steep mountains- all filled with amazing landmarks and beautifully rendered foliage. Lose yourself in these worlds, bring out the hunter in you and emerge a victor. AMAZING FEATURES FOR IMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY Unlock high quality rendered terrains that have stunning details built into them. Challenge yourself with exciting hunting missions that are carefully crafted in three difficulty levels. Get boosts and rewards to excel at your missions. Realistic and dynamic lighting to take you from dawn to dusk combined with seamless music and sound integration that builds excitement and thrill to the gameplay. Climb our leaderboards and share your scores with friends and colleagues through game center. Chase & Hunt is specifically optimized for iPhone5s and above with greater environmental detail, lighting and shadow effects and greater performance. Website : http://www.rgbgamestudios.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chase_and_Hunt Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/playchaseandhunt

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