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Cells Laboratory

Cells Laboratory

by greensoup2012


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  • Cells Laboratory
  • Cells Laboratory
  • Cells Laboratory
  • Cells Laboratory
  • Cells Laboratory
Help us to study cells and raising cells. About cells characteristic A single cells and other single cells can combine to a combined cell for a moment. Be careful when cells are infected,if you don't treat them correctly,cells will dying and cell death. When cells are infected,if you follow a correct treatment methods before it's dying,cells will recover and release nutrients. When cells are dying,you can inject the dying cell and recover them before death. After cell death,a new cell will replenish by every 15 mins. You can replenish by 50 nutrients immediately,or ask another scientist for replenishment too. If you feed the cells with nutrients,cells can evolve to a higher level. After the cells at the highest level,you can send them to another scientist. About cells types There are 6 types of cells in the laboratory,here is their treatment methods and side effect- T-192-single*6 Duration of Infection- Positive effect-increase cell infection period Negative effect-decrease cell infection period GA-28-combined*3 Be contagious-next to- Positive effect-recover another dying cell next to it Negative effect-infect another cells next to it and turn into dying cells KQN-1-single*5 combined*1 Be contagious-random- Positive effect-recover another dying cells randomly Negative effect-infect another cells and turn into dying cells randomly U-559-Inject abnormal cells*4 Immunity- Positive effect-never infected again Negative effect-cells will turn into death immediately Y-265-single*6 twice Duration of Recovery Positive effect-increase cells dying period Negative effect-decrease cells dying period BX-76-combined*6 Injection Dosage- Positive effect-decrease cells injection dosage Negative effect-increase cells injection dosage

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