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car soccer world cup

car soccer world cup

by Daniel Erdmann


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  • car soccer world cup
  • car soccer world cup
  • car soccer world cup
  • car soccer world cup
  • car soccer world cup

Pure Soccer! Forget about Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo or Manuel Neuer! New Heros will be born on this soccer field. You can choose one out of 8 nations and you will try to arise from these to gain the title "carsoccer world champion". Play as Germany, Spain, USA, France, England, Argeninia, Brasil or Italy and show us all that your are the one.
The unique combination of football and a racing game will get carsoccer to one of the most addictive games for real Games. In difference to FIFA you will not just play as a normal soccer player. Instead you will drive a car. Play as goalie, defender, midfielder or striker and try to hit the ball with team spirit behind the goal line of the opponent.
The game is perfect for booring weekends, endless car rides (only if you are not driving) or every other situation in which you want to chill. It is a pleasure to shoot the ball with full force into the goal.
The match is 5 vs 5. You can control exactly one car. The rest is pure football. The game takes 90 minutes and the round one has to get into the goal. You have to win seven times in a row to win in the championshipmode. Your result will be saved every round. If you win against all the opponents, you will be the "carsoccer world champion".

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