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Cannon Rush

Cannon Rush

by .Physics


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  • Cannon Rush
  • Cannon Rush
  • Cannon Rush
  • Cannon Rush
  • Cannon Rush
Play as Jack the Pirate. Jack is targeted by cannons, and you must help Jack to avoid all the cannonballs. Gameplay: Cannon Rush is a classic highscore game. The longer you can survive from the cannonball, the higher the score you get. Jack always move up and down, and you can't control Jack vertically. That's where the difficulties is. You can only control Jack horizontally, yet must avoid all the cannonballs. Control: To control Jack is very simple.Tap on the left part of screen, and Jack will move left. Tap on the right of the screen, and Jack will move right. Control Jack correctly so he manage to avoid all of the cannon balls! Game Level: There are 3 level available for unlock: Classic Mode: Available by default In Classic mode, the cannonball are not affected by gravity, so the cannonball will move straight, so it will be easier to dodge. Cannon balls will randomly came from left or right side. Advanced Mode: Achieve 50 points in Classic Mode In Advanced mode, the cannonball are affected by gravity, but the gravity is quite random, so it will either pull the cannon ball down or pull the cannon ball up, which make it harder to dodge. Cannon balls will randomly came from left or right side. Expert Mode: Achieve 50 points in Advanced Mode In Expert Mode, the cannonball are affected by gravity just like Advanced Mode, but it will came from both sides (left and right) on a short interval and make it more harder to dodge. Achievement: In this game, there are 8 achievement you can achieve in total. You can achieve those achievement by getting the scores needed in the specific Game Level. Psst, but it's a secret, if you can achieve all of the achievement, you will unlock something in the game! Sharing: If you managed it to get high scores, you must be proud and want to show-off your score to your friends. That's what the share button is for. Just one touch, you can share your score with your friend, via Line, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. SURVIVAL: Survive from the cannon ball as long as possible SIMPLE CONTROL: A single tap to control the player HIGH SCORE: Play high score with friends ACHIEVEMENT: Complete all the achievements, prize awaits SHARE: Show off high score to your friends via your favorite social media: Facebook, Twitter, Line, Whatsapp, etc LEVELS: 3 Levels available for playing. FREE: Totally free Android games, no In-App Purchase

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