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Can You Escape Brain Teasers

Can You Escape Brain Teasers

by ShEk Tech


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  • Can You Escape Brain Teasers
  • Can You Escape Brain Teasers
  • Can You Escape Brain Teasers
  • Can You Escape Brain Teasers
Can You Escape? NEW SEASON! Completely new features with new objects and new rooms to play! Do you love to make escape plan to come out from a trapped house in mystery manor! Yeah, you are right! This is a brain training game for you! Can you escape each room by opening the door? Each room is full of brain teasers and you must escape them all. Use in game clues, pick up objects, solve puzzles and open the doors. It is fun, it is challenging and it is addictive. Awesome Can You Escape Gaming Features: ➢ Free game ➢ Entertaining levels. ➢ Brain teasing puzzles. ➢ Beautiful design ➢ Eye catching graphics ➢ Highly addictive ➢ Efficient, effective and usable ➢ Do you have what it takes to escape the rooms? ➢ A treat for fans of room escape type games ➢ Awesome gaming idea with brain teasing features ➢ Suitable for kids and adults! ➢ Addicting mini puzzles ➢ Different themed rooms and hidden objects ➢ Time travel escape features ➢ Super brain pop up features Do you think, you are able to escape the fate here? Are you ready to try "Can You Escape"? It’s a super brain freeze game in the playstore. Escape room like 40x escape and brain break, crush & quest game! Remember this is not only a brain game for kids but also brain age, brain doctor and brain teaser game like hidden objects game! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s escape if you can and enjoy escape action! To escape each room you must turn on your inner detective. Can you look beyond the obvious and solve a series of connected puzzles. Can you move from one clue to another and connect the dots to open the door and escape the room. It’s an AWESOME brain training game for all ages’ kids and adults! Don’t be late! Get this game right now! Enjoy escape quest puzzle! Don’t be late! Take your escape challenge now! So really Can You Escape? Let’s have a challenge! Please send us your feedback at: support@shektech.org Game walkthrough is available at: http://www.shektech.org/walkthroughs/cyebt/main.html The game is also available on iOS at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/can-you-escape-brain-teasers/id958848366

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