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Camping Adventure & BBQ Game

Camping Adventure & BBQ Game

by Kids Fun Plus


Our Rating

  • Camping Adventure & BBQ Game
  • Camping Adventure & BBQ Game
  • Camping Adventure & BBQ Game
  • Camping Adventure & BBQ Game
  • Camping Adventure & BBQ Game
  • Camping Adventure & BBQ Game
Open up the gate to to the fun world with this Crazy Camping Adventure and BBQ cooking kitchen game! A picnic, camping & cooking are all the fun activities that kids enjoy a lot whenever get a chance and what if we provide to you all those fun activities together in one game. So let's bang the party with this Crazy Picnic Party game. An exciting camping adventure in open and the pool side. The most known and awesome chefs of the town are also there for BBQ cooking. There are a number of activities lined up for you. Whoever finishes all the activities at the first place can enjoy the bbq food as well on top priority :) Catch the Butter Flies to complete the first level of this crazy camping adventure and bbq cooking game. Then comes up the next level in which you have to pick up the fishes from the pond type pool to complete this mission. Whoever will complete those two activities at the first place can proceed to the chef cooking and kitchen adventure level. Enjoy the tasty bites and delicious bbq cooked food with famous and crazy chefs. You can learn exciting and delicious bbq recipes and you can become an expert chef yourself as well. So, enjoy this exciting and crazy picnic party with amazing camping adventure activities and grilled BBQ cooking & kitchen chef game.

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