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Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver

Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver

by Supercloud Games Studio


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  • Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver
  • Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver
  • Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver
  • Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver
  • Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver
  • Bus Simulator 3D: Metro Driver
Enter a crazy-paced Urban City Bus Simulation 2015 and drive through roads in the 3D bus of your choice, you can choose to drive a single bus, Double Decker or a school bus. As a Metro Bus Driver parking at the right spot for passengers to board is your primary challenge. Travel through the intricate road networks of the huge urban cities, such as Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow and Sydney. Your goal is to get the passengers where they want. As the driver you will have to follow proper traffic rules, reach the designated stops on time. Watch out for difficult turnings, sudden obstacles that will appear, keep track of your speed and speed limits. Pay attention to the passengers and drive them to their destination on time, try your best to avoid hitting other traffic, use the realistic steering controls to stay on the road. You will face many obstacles, navigate through them and complete you goals. Avoid damaging property, get to the desired stops on time and while remaining under the speed limit The simulator has realistic controls which make the driving experience feel real, dive in to the interactive adventure via interior and exterior view of the driver environment. You have the option to switch between auto/manual transmissions on certain levels. The drive will be tough, keep track of oncoming traffic, do not veer of the road, as your skills improve you will enjoy the tough challenging environment. Urban 3D Bus Simulator Metro Driver Features : >Drive through gorgeous urban cities, including Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, Moscow, Sydney and more >Customize the appearance of your bus >20 Varied Exciting Levels, which increase in difficulty to challenge your skills >Face tough road challenges, obstacles and get through the urban jungle >Accumulate credits, challenge your friends and amp up the excitement >Realistic maps of major cities

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