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Burger Roller Ride

Burger Roller Ride

by LancerWonders


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  • Burger Roller Ride
  • Burger Roller Ride
  • Burger Roller Ride
  • Burger Roller Ride
  • Burger Roller Ride
Welcome Kids! If you want to play an exciting game on a mobile phone or laptop, then this game is just for you. Simply take ‘Burger the Roller’ on a fun ride and pick up the lovely eatables that you come across on the way! But remember; don’t crash into Mr Owl or you will be out of the game! This is a 2D infinite run game from Lancer Wonders that kids will find it really exciting. The various objects that you pick up on the way will give you 50 points each, which you can exchange for other rollers such as the Chilli roller and the cupcake roller. This is the game that your kid or baby will surely love! It’s a sweet n’ fantastic game that has various funny episodes built into it. Parents will surely love this beautiful kindergarten game that is educational and simple to play as well. It’s colourful and cute and kids will find the controls easy to play! This game takes you on a path that is besides a beautiful pond that is filled with lots of swans. So while they look on, grab as many points as you can! Exchange points for other rollers and enjoy hours of fun. Good Luck!

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