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Bunny Run

Bunny Run

by Iceberg Studios


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Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run
Bunny Run

Are you a fan of “Bunny run” games?  Or looking for a funny game for your kids? If yes, then this one is just for you!  Bunny Run is a perfect example of a FREE game designed for 3 years old kids.
Run and Jump to gather Easter eggs! Fast Easter bunny and his friends need to gather as much eggs as possible to save the Easter. Evil creatures are going to stop you, but as long as you can roll and skip, they'll not get you. And of course your friends Gitty The Kitty, Ronny The Rhino and Pengu the Penguin will always come to your aid! 
Bunny Run is a FREE game with alluring, fun and challenging arcade gameplay. Help cute bunny and his friends to gather eggs while running, jumping, sliding through five magnificent worlds inhabited by different creatures!
This game is suitable for girls and boys of all ages.

How to play:
•    Tap the left side of the screen to jump
•    Tap the right side to attack
•    Jump on enemies to squash them and receive bonus gems!
•    Collect as many eggs as you can – you’ll need them for unlocks and new characters
•    Simple controls
•    Visit 5 different worlds!
•    Unlock new levels!
•    Hordes of enemies to defeat!
•    Endless run option 
•    Unlock new characters: Gitty the Kitty, Ronny the Rhino and Pengu the Penguin.
•    Tune up the game with unlocks.